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Primary Eye Care's Contact Lens Policy:


PA state law states that contact lens prescriptions are valid for 1 year from the date of the exam. Therefore, after that 12 month period, ALL contact lens wearers are required by law to have an exam and contact lens evaluation to renew the prescription. By law, we are unable to refill a prescription or approve an order from another vendor that is expired.


The contact lens evaluation is in addition to and in conjunction with the eyeglass exam. Therefore, there are separate and additional fees. The contact lens evaluation includes analysis of tear film and corneal health, assessment of corneal topography, evaluation of lid conditions, and analysis of fit and recommendations of lends modality, replacement schedule, and cleaning products.


It is the responsibility of the patient to maintain an adequate supply of contact lenses throughout the year. We are unable to supply “emergency” contact lenses or contact lenses to “hold you over until your exam”. It is highly recommended that ALL contact lens wearers have a current pair of eyeglasses in the event that they are out of contact lenses or unable to wear their contact lenses.


There are refit fees associated with changing the brand of type of contact lenses you are currently wearing. Please be aware of this when you are discussing options with the doctor. Also note that not all contact lenses come in all prescriptions. Additional fees may be charged for follow up visits.


If you are provided with trial contact lenses, it is assumed that you will follow through with the follow up care. If you are asked to call or schedule within 1-2 weeks, you will need to do so. Your contact lens prescription will not be released until this commitment is met by the patient.


We do not keep retail contact lens boxes in stock at our office. Please keep in mind that we need to order your contact lenses and it can take between two to three weeks to get them.


When scheduling an appointment for someone to get contact lenses for the first time, please let the person scheduling the appointment know that information. To get contact lenses for the first time involves several appointments. First is the exam and the contact lens evaluation. Second, we need to schedule for a contact lens teach visit. Then the third visit would be one to two weeks after the teach visit for a quick check appointment. The fees will vary from patient to patient because they are based on the prescription and the type of contact lens you will need to correct your vision.



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